Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates to the United States


UAE scholars to visit Britain, USA and Switzerland

Over 400 UAE students will be going on a field trip of a lifetime this summer. As the country’s top young minds, they will have the chance to tour and study at some of the most prestigious institutions and innovative cities in Britain, the United States and Switzerland. This trip along with several other opportunities at local universities in the UAE is part of the Ministry of Education’s initiative to help students develop the desire and ability to explore, create and innovate.

During their trip, students will be engaged in advanced discussions and demonstrations focused on science and technology. Information technology (IT) will make up a large part of the curriculum and the students will have the opportunity to shadow and assist executives at top IT firms while they simultaneously gain insights from the classroom. They will be assigned to projects similar to the types of tasks that leading experts and scientist work in their everyday jobs. The hope is that through all of these experiences, students will gain an overall understanding of the daily work environments and necessary skills needed to perform these jobs.

This program is just one element of the Ministry’s goal of preparing Emirati students to be productive members of society said H.E. Hussain Al Hammadi, Minister of Education. It aligns deeply with the UAE’s national innovation objectives and the UAE Vision 2021 plan. The goal of this trip and other educational programs, such as scientific camps and daily learning seminars, is for students to develop essential problem solving and critical thinking skills. These skills along with the ability to innovate and create will help them as the future leaders and will be crucial to the UAE’s sustainable development as a country. The Ministry of Education hopes that these learning experiences will help students learn how to be adaptive and responsive to changes on both a local and an international level.

“In addition to these camps and sponsored trips, the Ministry of Education will continue to fund programs at local school communities,” stated H.E. Amal Al Kous, Assistant Undersecretary for the School Environment and Activities Sector, Ministry of Education. “Special programs, such as competitions and daily training seminars, will help stimulate students at young ages and prepare them for future educational opportunities.”


Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan Comes to Meet President Obama

Ambassador Yousef Al Otaiba announced on April 15th that the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, will meet with President Barack Obama at the White House next Monday, April 20th. Their discussion will center on both nation’s commitment to regional security in the Middle East and their joint efforts to fight violent extremism. The White House stated that the agenda would also include Yemen, preventing Iran from producing nuclear weapons and discussions centering around possible solutions to the conflict in Libya and Syria. UAE Foreign Minister and Deputy National Security Advisor will accompany Sheikh Mohamed on his visit to Washington, which will also include meetings with senior US administration officials and Congressional leaders.

The UAE and US have a history of common values and shared interests and their strong relationship continues to grow in the areas of defense, economy, and culture.  The UAE fights terrorism and extremism in the region and beyond and their cooperation with the United States includes a range of defense and intelligence initiatives. Both the UAE and US work closely to maintain security and stability in the Middle East and collaborate to fight groups such as ISIS who threaten worldwide peace and prosperity

Security and stability are not the only goals the two nations share. The UAE has one of the world’s fastest growing economies making it a huge partner with the United States in world development and trade. In fact, the UAE is the single largest export market in Middle East for the US; in 2012 alone, the United States exported $22 million goods directly into the UAE. More impressively, the UAE has held this distinction of largest export market in the Middle East for four consecutive years.

Not only has the business relationship grown between the UAE and the USA, there has also been growth in the social and cultural sectors. US higher education institutions, including New York University and the Guggenheim Museum, are working closely with a range of educational and cultural organizations in the UAE, establishing several satellite institutions.

In recent months UAE Embassy partnered with the Meridian Center for Cultural Diplomacy to bring an exhibit of Emirati art to the United States called Past Forward: Contemporary Art from the Emirates.  The exhibition is the largest display of art from the UAE in the United States and proudly features over 25 different artists from all seven Emirates.

Considering the UAE and United States’ strong relationship as allies on the political, economic, and cultural front, Sheikh Mohamed’s visit stands to deepen the already immense mutual respect and understanding that our two nations share. There is much work to be done on the global stage, but through collaborative efforts between forward thinking nations such as the UAE and US, positive change can be affected.

Joint Strategic Military Dialogue Between the US and the UAE

Ambassador Yousef Al Otaiba pic In May 2013, the chairman of the United States Joint Chiefs of Staff, Army General Martin E. Dempsey, traveled to Abu Dhabi to speak with his Emirati counterpart, Army Lieutenant General Hamad Thani al-Rumaithi, as well as Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, who serves as deputy supreme commander of all armed forces in the United Arab Emirates.

These military professionals opened a dialogue on integrating American and Emirati capabilities to improve security for both nations. Understanding that cooperation is the key to calming instability in the Middle East, both nations have already integrated air and missile defense, command, and control. The Middle East remains a crucial region both economically and politically, which reinforces the importance of such a collaboration.

The UAE belongs to the Gulf Cooperation Council, which also includes among its members Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, and Kuwait. By increasing collaboration with Emirati forces, the U.S. can strengthen ties with these other nations. While the U.S. has long enjoyed positive relations with all members of the council, General Dempsey does not underestimate the power of renewing and reinforcing the country’s existing partnerships.

Abu Dhabi’s Crown Prince Meets with U.S. Secretary of State Kerry


In an outreach to the Middle East, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry met with Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed, the crown prince of Abu Dhabi and deputy supreme commander of the Armed Forces, in Abu Dhabi in February 2014. Their meeting, which also included Foreign Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed, UAE Ambassador to the United States Yousef Al Otaiba, and U.S. Ambassador to the UAE Michael Corbin, focused on regional security issues.

The dignitaries discussed several pressing issues regarding regional security and peace, including Iran’s nuclear program and the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Syria.

The visit was one of two to the UAE by U.S. secretaries within a month. On March 5, U.S. Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker visited the UAE on a trade mission, the first by a sitting secretary in more than a decade. Economic and security partnerships are two of the most important areas of relations between the U.S. and the UAE. In fact, 2013 marked the fifth consecutive year that the UAE received more American exports than any nation in the Middle East and North Africa region.

The UAE Promotes Partnership and Trade with Atlanta Visit

This past March, diplomats from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Embassy in Washington, DC, visited government, business, and community leaders in Atlanta to discuss new possibilities for future collaboration and celebrate the growing trade relationship between the UAE the United States. This relationship has expanded very quickly in Georgia, which exported $790 million worth of merchandise to the UAE. This figure represents a 95% increase since 1999. At present, Georgia ranks eighth among American states with the highest UAE export rates. Savannah remains one of the most important ports with nearly $1.2 billion worth of UAE trade last year.

During their time in Atlanta, UAE diplomats met with distinguished members of the Georgia Department of Economic Development, as well as representatives from Invest Atlanta and the Mayor’s Office. One of the primary topics of conversation was local sustainability and how initiatives for it can increase cooperation between Atlanta and the UAE. The diplomats also spoke at Grady High School on the economic diversification of the UAE and role that Emirati women play in government, business, and culture.

Ambassador Yousef Al Otaiba on MSNBC’s Morning Joe

His Excellency Yousef Al Otaiba, the ambassador of the United Arab Emirates to the United States, appeared on MSNBC’s talk show Morning Joe on April 4, 2014, and discussed the United States’ role in the Middle East. During a segment that lasted just more than 5 minutes, Ambassador Al Otaiba provided context for a written statement he had previously issued outlining the tasks that the United States and the UAE face in the Middle East. According to the ambassador, those tasks range from putting a stop to ongoing violence in Syria and stabilizing Egypt to containing the threats posed by Iran’s nuclear program and fighting terrorism.

The show’s hosts posed several questions to Ambassador Al Otaiba, beginning with whether there is a perception in the Gulf Region that the United States has become less involved in the Middle East. They went on to ask him how U.S. leaders might be able to convince their electorate of the importance of continuing engagement with Middle Eastern nations. To view the full interview, go to

UAE Embassy Celebrates Dubai’s Successful Expo 2020 Bid

Ambassador Yousef Al Otaiba, the Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates to the United States, is thrilled with the recent news that Dubai has been chosen to host the World Expo 2020. This selection marks a significant victory for the UAE, which will now be the first country in the Middle East, Africa, or Southeast Asia to host the event.

First launched in London in 1851 as a showcase of culture and technology, a World Expo today is a key forum for events, exhibitions, and debates on international issues ranging from sustainable development to the global economy. Hundreds of nations, businesses, and international organizations participate in World Expos, which are held every five years and allow millions of international visitors to explore and discover new cultures and ideas.

The theme for Dubai’s World Expo 2020 is “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future,” with a particular focus on three subthemes that constitute key drivers of global development: sustainability, or renewable sources of energy and water; mobility, or smart logistical and transportation systems; and opportunity, or alternative paths to economic development. World Expo 2020 organizers estimate that 25 million people will visit Dubai during the six months of Expo, from October of 2020 to April of 2021.