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Ambassador Yousef Al Otaiba: Supporting Commercial Ties between the United Arab Emirates and the United States

As United Arab Emirates (UAE) Ambassador to the United States for the past four years, Yousef Al Otaiba has emphasized building stronger cultural and economic ties between the two countries. His efforts reflect the UAE’s strategic positioning as a steadfast ally and major trading partner with the United States in the Arabian Gulf region.

With its currency pegged to the U.S. dollar, the UAE stands as America’s largest Middle Eastern export market. More than 800 U.S. firms have a local presence in the UAE, and this number is steadily increasing. Strengthened commercial ties are the primary focus of organizations such as the U.S.-UAE Business Council, which brings together numerous companies from both countries as collaborative partners. The year 2012 marked the inauguration of the first-ever U.S.-UAE Economic Policy Dialogue, which represents a vital effort to coordinate trade matters and commercial relations at the national level.

Government officials such as Ambassador Yousef Al Otaiba are confident that mutually beneficial relations between the UAE and the United States will continue well into the 21st century.

The Cultural District of Saadiyat Island, Abu Dhabi

Located in Abu Dhabi, the largest of the seven emirates of which the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is comprised, Saadiyat Island (meaning “island of happiness”) will be home to a cultural district rivaling that of many of the world’s major cities upon its completion.

Planned cultural attractions include eight museums, which will be designed by some of the world’s most prominent architects: a new branch of the Louvre (the first to open outside of France); the Sheikh Zayed National Museum, which will be designed by Foster+Partners to house galleries dedicated to the rich cultural heritage of the UAE; and a Guggenheim museum designed by Frank Gehry which, at 320,000 square feet, will be the largest Guggenheim museum in the world.

The cultural district of Saadiyat Island will also house a maritime museum, exhibition space with room for 19 exhibits, and a performing arts center. When it is complete, Saadiyat Island will be the site of numerous educational, sporting, leisure, and residential facilities, including New York University Abu Dhabi, which will provide up to 2,000 students from the UAE and other Middle Eastern countries with quality undergraduate and graduate educational opportunities.